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McDonald’s Super Spice Dash: engagement through gaming

Take a nibble on this tasty, addictive, fast-paced HTML5 game from fast food giants McDonalds

McDonald’s may not be everyone’s favourite fast food, but with this addictive, engaging fast-paced HTML 5 game promoting its latest taste sensation prepared to be impressed.

The microsite is a simple affair in design terms, but one that does the job intended. Where users will start to get excited is when they take control of a Spicy Chicken McBite in Super Spice Dash. The game is simple, straightforward and very addictive. Players simple need to go left and right collect power ups and avoid the drop into a Spicy Chicken McBites container. There is little chance that you will stick to a single encounter. Like all good games, it will make you crave for more, and we guarantee you will go back. The game itself changes very little, it gets faster and presents more obstacles to avoid. But, the challenge has already been set in the early stages and you need to go further, irrelevant of how many attempts its takes to get you there.

The game may not instantly entice you down to the nearest McDonalds to grab a portion of Spicy Chicken McBites, but what it does very well is it will subconsciously make the player remember the product. So, maybe not tomorrow, or even the next day, but some day soon you will find yourself standing at the front of a queue ordering a portion of Spicy Chicken McBites.