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Site of the week: Letters, Inc

This two-tone agency effort from Japan still excites visually, serving as a masterclass in SVG-based animation

Site of the week Letters, Inc


Sometimes you can come across colourful even when keeping things black and white. This agency portfolio site from Tokyo’s Letters, Inc cheats a little by adding touches of blue and red, but it is still a monochrome masterpiece to us.

The team, founded in 2011 and consisting of just six members, has chosen to make SVG animations central to telling their story. From the densely intricate header, visitors are literally drawn through a pathway of content as they scroll. There’s a wonderful Japanese philosophy called ‘wabi-sabi’ some may observe in these richly detailed and dynamic illustrations. Transitory, fleeting and brimming with quirk, the line art aesthetic still feels international, epitomising classical style while remaining very modern.

“The concept behind this website is to convey the development abilities of the Letters, Inc. team – each of which have been gaining great power of expression and producing various kinds of creative works,” explains lead designer Kenta Toshikura. “By using HTML5’s canvas, CSS3 and jQuery and combining them with SVG path animation, we attempted to make the web design as interesting as possible. Few colours are used deliberately so that they harmonise with the dynamic movements of the path animation. Users can also enjoy parallax effects by virtue of the smartphone’s gyroscope on the dedicated mobile site.”


A colour switcher lets you toggle between an equally gorgeous blue, black and red mode


Letters, Inc is a talented team of just six, happy to let their work do
all of the talking