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Koko: using animation to create great UX

Bright, colourful and attention-grabbing. Welcome to the new-look Koko Digital web presence.

Award-winning digital agency, and one-time Web Designer Pro File interviewees, KoKo Digital has taken its old website and breathed new live into its web presence. The site starts with a bright yellow opening page that instantly grabs a viewers attention. As pointed out by KoKo founder Karl Bloor, “We wanted our site to be bright and colourful so that it stands out”. Mission accomplished.

Koko prides itself on being ‘a highly creative agency’ and they wanted their site to ‘portray the ethos and personality of the business as well as the type of projects that we work on’. Karl also revealed the thinking behind the new look site, “As the site is essentially our corporate portfolio and client facing, the site needed to retain a functional and professional tone. We purposely designed a site that was not text heavy and focussed on the visual aspect as well as developing it in a manner that allowed flexibility and growth.” Past the front page its the popular single page stance, but with a few added extras. The fixed right-sided menu gives instant access to all the major sections of the site, but adopts a popular mobile navigation style, allowing user to hide the menu and focus on the site. Scrolling reveals more of the action as page elements interact with the user scrolling action.

We especially liked the Celebrate Great Ideas animation, again something to grab the users attention. There is plenty here to engage the user, so make sure you pay a visit.  Gaze at the Great Ideas animation and see if you can spot all the subtle animations  Selecting an option calls into action a slide-in menu. Simply click to close.