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Site of the week: Kevin Lagier

Behold a vibrant student portfolio rich with talent that offers an endorsement for collaboration

Kévin Lagier is a 22-year-old student currently reading a masters degree at France’s Hetic Internet School. Specialising particularly in art direction and with a background in web design, this site is a personal portfolio that is positively bubbling with jQuery effects. Leveraging the Backbone.js framework for streamlining JavaScript, the experience continually shifts through inventive styles as you explore each of the exhibited works.
“The goal of my website is to present my different projects,” Kévin explains. “I chose to describe the global conception of my projects rather than the different tasks I handled. I wanted the user to be immersed in the atmosphere of the project, hence my choice to adapt the universe for each page.”
Another skill Kévin demonstrates with the site is his ability to collaborate with other great people. Front- and back-end developer Florentin Monteil, also a fourth-year student at Hetic, provided the coding skills for bringing the content to life. In fact, the site really does exemplify what can be achieved when talented young people pool
all their skills together and take pride in their design work.
“This website has been created between Florentin and myself. The different projects that I exposed on my portfolio have also been produced with other students of my school, providing an opportunity to work with skilled people. Without them my projects, including my portfolio, couldn’t have come into existence.”


This section for client Partech blends photographic elements with line-drawing diagrams for a real visual punch


Featured projects are boldly styled and illustrated, introducing nuggets of motion and interactivity as you scroll