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Into the Arctic: exploring HTML5’s true potential

Education and an ecological warning are the focal point as they come together using the latest technologies to communicate the sites message

In recent years, the Arctic has increasingly come under pressure from oil companies seeking to exploit potential oil and gas reserves. However, in this fragile and globally essential ecosystem, an oil spill could be utterly disastrous. The international environmental activist group Greenpeace has embarked upon a number of expeditions to the Arctic in order to prevent this from happening. The website acts as a digital logbook to document these expeditions while encouraging visitors to get involved, take action and help spread the word. It also provides a source of information about the area, showing site visitors what the Arctic has and why it needs saving.

“We dove in with a team of designers developers, strategists and project managers,” Hello Monday explained. “We needed to complete the site for the first expedition, which left us with a mere eight weeks from kickoff to launch. Everyone worked hard at it, and we managed to pull it off in time.”

The site is a tour de force of technical prowess coupled with a strong understanding of the client brief. Hello Monday continued: “We had to actually have the maps drawn from scratch, studying satellite imagery provided by NASA. Other than that, we tried to steer clear of scare tactics, and focus on an aesthetically pleasing and engaging design. We put tremendous effort into creating an immersive feeling in the map, particularly when it moves into 3D and users pan and navigate.”

Any visitor that finds themselves exploring the expedition route, or the wealth of arresting content on Greenpeace’s Into the Arctic site will clearly appreciate the work that has gone into its creation. Anchoring the site with a real-world campaign gives the design an urgency and relevance that lifts the site to deliver its message with engaging technology.