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In The Loop

Check out this fun portfolio site that entertains and educates about the founders’ technical skills in equal measure

Designers and developers have always had to think about how to best present their work to the world. Innovative portfolio sites come and go, so when the site from In the Loop comes along it’s easy to see why these designers have been winning awards.

Co-founder and creative developer Guillaume Tomasi outlines their approach to the site’s design: “We wanted to show our portfolio in an interactive and funny way. That being said, we came up with the idea to play with the black clay we had when we were children. Also, we wanted to give the site a gaming feel to it. So as visitors move around the portfolio, they can unlock funny and bonus materials, just as you can in a game.”

The construction of this portfolio was also approached in a slightly different way. Instead of hand-coding the pages, the founders opted for Union Platform (, as this enabled them to build their site very quickly. And for the animated components of the site, Tweenlite by Jack Doyle
( was used. But before that: “We spent a lot of time to create the concept. Sketchings, prototyping etc,” continues Guillaume. “We wanted to begin constructing the website with final ideas and not have to go back and forth into the conception when we were well into the development stage.”

The result is a portfolio site that starts with a monochrome feel, but soon bursts into colour and motion. The time taken to plan it was clearly well spent. Using off-the-shelf development tools may not be the norm with portfolio design, but this site shows that these tools have evolved to the stage where all they need is a dose of creativity to produce something engaging.