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Site of the week: Fieldwork

Manchester masters Fieldwork demonstrate a skilled eye when it comes to creating brand identity and classy design

Manchester masters Fieldwork demonstrate a skilled eye when it comes to creating brand identity and classy design

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 09.31.25


As the importance of digital communication within marketing gets stronger and stronger, digital agencies are best placed to leverage it for their own services. Competition for projects is fierce so using your own portfolio site to establish an identity and showcase client work is essential.

This is the real strength of, the online home of Manchester creative studio Fieldwork, blending subtle UI tricks with clean simplicity. Websites, brand identity, digital products, and visual communication are all areas this multidisciplinary team inhabit, placing “collaboration” at the heart of what they do. This site conveys both playful, creative energy and professionalism, ultimately with sprawling photo-laden pages.

Opening to a full-width header teeming with looping SVG animations, the main page instantly puts featured projects first. Two-column grids of rollover images provide visual previews, linking through incredibly rich and colourful photo case studies. These cascading streams of fairly large aspect JPGs are responsively stacked, ensuring the experience looks equally wonderful on tablet and mobile. Typographically the site is economical with words, preferring punchy and fairly direct statements on Fieldwork’s creative philosophy.

Colour is largely confined to the imagery throughout, with templates leaning on timeless standards of crisp white space and subtle grey shaded panels to break things up. Overall the resulting design is refreshingly simple, but it provides a great lesson in why timeless taste never goes out of style.

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 09.36.22



Two-column grids of thumbnails provide a sneak peek of featured works. Upon rollover of the caption, the image gets a transparent overlay


Even the Contact page manages to conform to the minimalistic and clean design with the use of a neat header map