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Drexel University: a great advertisment for higher education

Few university recruitment sites are as creative as the immersive experience made for Drexel. Make sure you pay a visit

Conceived as a recruitment platform for Drexel University in Sacramento, the design that BKWLD created is subtle, engaging and, above all, embeds a powerful call to action.

Creative director Jeff Toll says the site delivers Drexel’s brand message of rebellion and inspiration: “The idea was to stray away from the standard campus hype promo videos or listing of courses and deliver a highly sharable story. BKWLD responded with a unique approach that speaks to the core of the Drexel brand – rebellion. The story needed to resonate with a student who needed that extra push of inspiration and empowerment to ‘get going’.” “Drexel is a full-screen, fluid design targeting desktop and tablet displays,” explains BKWLD development director Dan Rogers, “The development was primarily a front-end affair, making use of SCSS with the Compass framework to render visual styles and CSS3 animations. Drexel’s routing system, randomised grids, asset loading and dynamic scaling were all developed in JavaScript.”

Open source libraries used include Modernizr, jQuery, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, Require.js, plug-ins from the Ender.js library, and some of BKWLD’s plug-ins developed in-house. Using video as the core communications medium enables the site to connect emotionally with the viewer. The site has 16 cinemagraph-inspired looping videos that tell a story through the voice of inspirational quotes. The videos are organised in a series of dynamic grids that never repeat, backed by a reflective, calming soundtrack.