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DEGO Interactive

DEGO Interactive uses a beautifully crafted, engaging and imaginative microsite to reveal its approach to the design process. Check it out

As this agency has so much to offer, one of the questions every new client asks is how they approach each project. Being innovative, Dego Interactive decided to create a micro site to give an insight into their design processes.

Georgy Orlenko, Dego Interactive’s art director explained: “One of the top customer questions is: what is the development process? That is why we have decided to foresee both the question and the answer. We needed a simple and clear description of this process presented in an entertaining and fresh manner. So we created the dego.packit promo-site that illustrates all of the work stages we go through while creating any type of design.”

The website of the agency follows a familiar layout that presents their work using a conventional environment, and the breadth of the work on show is impressive. When the dego.packit promo-site is opened, visitors are left with no doubt that Dego Interactive has the technical skills, but it’s the wonderfully styled and flawlessly executed design that stands out.

As Georgy says, having fun is the important part: “I designed the site with a smile permanently on my face.” The agency could have developed a flashy technology-driven explanation of their design process. Instead the simple paper graphics, minimal animation and sense of humour easily communicate that clients are in safe hands if they work with Dego Interactive who can deliver innovative design, being a master of the craft.