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SITE OF THE WEEK: Crop Trust Annual Report 2014

Imagination and clever content structure makes this Annual Report look good enough to eat

Imagination and clever content structure makes this Annual Report look good enough to eat



For those unaware, Crop Trust is a global organisation overseeing crop conservation and sustaining diversity. As a core element of its website, the Annual Report is pivotal to its aims for raising around $500 million financing over two years – with this digital version designed to be more comprehensive than anything distributed in print. Designed by Belgian digital agency EPIC, the team also behind the full, Annual Report 2014 carries through established front-end styles seamlessly.

The result subverts a typical stuffy, dry perception of corporate reports to present facts and figures in much more engaging ways. Prioritising content and structure, the team devised “three-axis content organisation” to arrange key information within a one-page, panelled view before piling up chapter pages to provide a book-like experience. “Having previously worked on the complete rebranding of the Crop Trust, we wanted to convey its new identity in a very dynamic and animated way throughout the Annual Report,” explains Karim Maaloul, partner and creative director at EPIC.

“One of the most striking elements of the graphical codes we created consists of a grid of coloured triangles. This is how we came up with the idea of animating them on the homepage. The concept is about attributing a life cycle to the triangles: a way to make them grow, then disappear and reborn, just as crop seeds do in real life.”

Aside from photography, the design introduces bright colours and subtle animated illustrations for highlighting vital figures

For all the attractive presentation, the report succeeds in representing important and valuable content in a readable, digestible way