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Site of the week: Cheetos – Project TP

Follow Chester Cheetah in this short adventure that brings together video, audio and Google Street View to great effect

Ever heard of Cheetos? They are a brand of cheese-flavored, puffed cornmeal snacks made by American company Frito-Lay, and popular in the US. Now you know what they you will find that this site has little to do with the product but more its associated cartoon character Chester Cheetah.

He is the main protagonist in this short, humourous adventure. The site uses some gorgeous retro graphic styles to create a Pathe news style introduction. From here it reveals its contemporary underbelly as it uses Google Maps and Street View to add personality to the adventure. How you ask? Users add in an address and once the target has been identified the mission is go.

The site switches between static pages and video snippets to add a short and simple narrative to the story. Watch as Chester Cheetah and his very own helicopter head to the target address. A neat and quick interaction with a big red button and a host of toilet paper is on it way to cover the target in soft white tissue.

The site does little to promote Cheetos directly, in fact nothing at all apart from Chester Cheetah taking the main role. But, the story, is engaging, short and fun to interact with. Plus, the way that it incorporates style, technologies and audio ensures that viewers are getting an immersive experience that will get them talking about the site.

The site adds an overlay to Google Maps to create the illusion of binoculars

A selection of video sequences add a narrative and bring the story together