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Site of the week: Cadence & Cause

This innovative music commerce site invites fans to “Listen Today. Change Tomorrow” with a big, bold, brave approach

This innovative music commerce site invites fans to “Listen Today. Change Tomorrow” with a big, bold, brave approach



Think of some the biggest names in rock and pop – they seem a bit like superheroes don’t they? Well imagine a world where our music heroes used their work to actually save people and help some genuine charitable causes. This is the concept behind Cadence & Cause – a service where music purchases from fans also contribute to responsible charities.

The site itself looks and behaves more like the kind of music purchase and streaming apps that users may come to expect. Core CSS colour palettes are clean, minimal and functional with highlight shades of blues and purples that add accents to the page. Big art imagery carries a distinctive angular, shard-like motif, while nicely shot promo photos of the featured artists provide faces and personality to the product.

Music preview and playback is thoughtfully and neatly integrated right into the latest versions of browsers like IE, Chrome and Safari, with service signup also available via social media. “Musicians have always believed they can change the world,” explains John Gilbert, who is chief digital officer at Denver-based designers LRXD. “With Cadence & Cause, we’re finally giving them a tangible way to see the positive effect their music is making. Fans will love it too, gaining access to exclusive
music and experiences, a deeper connection with the artists they love and, of course, the opportunity to better the world – all by doing what they’re already doing: buying and listening to great music. Everyone wins.”

A How It Works section breaks down the way Cadence & Cause works, using a long two-column layout with a zigzag theme

Artist pages provide pictures, biographies and purchasing or donation offers while an Impact Timeline illustrates activity