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Site of the week: Archie Rose Distlling Co.

A collaborative design serves a tasteful brochure site illustrating a rich product story

A collaborative design serves a tasteful brochure site illustrating a rich product story


URL: DESIGNERS: Squad Ink, Weekends

On the face of things, a website selling the virtues of an Australian distillery bottling vodka, gin and white rye may not sound so remarkable. But this distinctly refreshing example for Sydney’s Archie Rose charmingly blends rich assets with a personal journey.

Designed by New South Wales’ agency Squad Ink as part of a wider branding and launch strategy, the build duties were then handled by Dominic Whittle’s Hobart studio Weekends. The resulting eCommerce experience focuses then as much on Archie Rose founder Will Edwards as it does on the product. High-quality video clips and evocative photography takes the visitor on a highly personal journey pieced together by clean, uncluttered templates and economical typography. “It’s a pretty interesting build actually,” explains principle designer and developer at Weekends, Dominic Whittle. “A custom admin running on Django sends data to a Node frontend and template layer.”

This combination of progressive web technologies and business storytelling is a potent mix, alongside a sense of consistency. The various page templates all adhere to smooth design restraint that not only looks sharp but also ensures the URL looks equally at home on smartphone or tablet. The A.R. Journal adopts a blog-like structure delivering news, community updates, education on distillation and indeed a mixology of serving ideas. Presentation here remains unfussy and tasteful in its timelessness – pretty apt all things considered.

Each of the three products can be viewed in greater detail, using a zig-zag layout to describe the unique story of distillation

On first visit the site asks about your appropriate drinking age while another stylish canvas clip loops in the background