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Site of the week: Alexander Engzell

A supercool portfolio from over ten years at the top flight of the art-direction game

A supercool portfolio from over ten years at the top flight of the art-direction game


Welcome to the new online home of Alexander Engzell, founder and art director at Bonne Marque and a man with “over a decade in the game” of high-profile creativity.

A proud member of the CSS Design Awards jury, the talented Swede showcases his numerous achievements here within a tastefully dynamic design. Energetic typography bursts from a stark monochrome template bubbling with impressive projects for brands such as FitWhey, ProDo and Frasers Mall.

“Inspiration came from Eighties movie posters for the custom typography”

Visitors get a real sense of the breadth of services provided across image-rich case studies, alongside touches of personal creative expression. “My original inspiration when setting out to build my new portfolio was the guillotine, you see it clearly throughout the website, [with the way that] the angle of the portfolio thumbnails are cut, the Bezier curve animation, the hover effects for buttons and the lazy loading effect for content,” Engzell explains. “My other inspiration came from Eighties movie posters for the custom typography on all the portfolio titles, which are personally developed slogans for representing the work in just a few words. The animations for the titles were first made in After Effects and then exported as sprites and animated with JavaScript.”

In addition, looks and performs as impressively inside mobile browsers as it does on the desktop. Seeing as it’s built to be responsive and wholly consistent, it’s no surprise that the site has claimed two Site of The Day awards in just two weeks after its launch.

Scrolling effects add subtle hints of motion while a distinctive ‘guillotine’ motif is applied to the project selection menu

Navigation between long, sprawling project pages is assisted with simple footer navigation and options for social sharing