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Site of the week: 1MD

Agencies still capable of making a memorable creative statement online aren’t 10 a penny – but one in a million

Site of the week 1MD


One Million Dollars or ‘1MD’ for short, are a creative bureau based in Brussels Belgium. This rather refined portfolio site for the team’s diverse array of services and project work does a fabulous job of impressing potential clients.Casual visitors too will delight over the mix of abstract graphics, subtle snippets of background motion and a bombastic approach to typography.

A gorgeous header element sets the tone immediately in terms of both the restrained colour palette and slick presentation. Layering six transparent PNG images over a <canvas> animation produces an effective sense of 3D before a stack of rich content unfurls below. “As creative people we‘ve always have been interested in motion design”,
admits 1MD creative director and co-founder Fabian Aerts. “In fact the entire website is led by motion, particularly because a big part of the team comes from the Flash era. That’s why we added animation to the header, hover FX on the images and sideways transitions.

A lot of the items like the pre-loaders or the play buttons have been designed and animated in Flash and then exported as sprite sheets. The design process spanned several weeks in close collaboration with the development core team, paying a particular attention to fluidity. We knew we wanted very large pictures to be displayed and didn’t want to have any sort of lag during the transitions.”


• The breadth of 1MD’s design services is well illustrated by the introductory showreel video


• A Work section groups featured projects into a rollover menu leading out to dedicated pages