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Site fo the week: Designagentur HOCHBURG

German efficiency collides with expressive visuals to conjure a ‘strong’ presence sure to ‘hold’ attention



Hochburg is a German design agency based in Stuttgart and this distinctive site goes a long way to describe the work they do. English speakers however, will require Chrome’s translate tools to make full sense of it, realising that Hochburg means ‘stronghold’ in the process.

Rather aptly then, the experience opens with confident, fairly aggressive graphical work – monochrome photographic slides of fighter pilots, dogs and American footballers. Intriguing, cryptic and doubtlessly cool, the energetic inkblot typography soon gives way to the more classic conformity of gridded layouts.

A projects or Projekte section injects thumbnail dashes of welcome colour which neatly extends across links out to themed Fancybox-based ( pages. Rollover frames then belie the edgy tone with a friendly-faced, expressive collection of team portraits – nicely adding a human identity to the obvious talent.

Team, harmony, and stringent process purveys Hochburg’s work ethos and this eye-catching effort marks them out as an outfit to watch across a multitude of mediums. “Hochburg is a successful and award-winning design agency in Stuttgart”, as the site describes them. “We polarize, we dig in, we implement, we think outside the box, but above all, we do one thing: we develop memorable brand identities that go to the heart and stay in your head. [Then] we implement this. Analogue, digital and in space.”


• Moving through the content is kept minimal and efficient, again via an overlay navigation menu


• A 4 by 6 grid collects a sequence of 50/50 boxes offering thumbnails and descriptions on featured projects