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Show Photo Counts in iPhoto – iLife Tutorial

Use the Preferences in iPhoto to display photo counts and get a better idea of what your library is doing

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Main Story ImageWe’re all big fans of iPhoto; it’s become part and parcel of everyday life with our Macs. As a result, we sometimes can easily assume that what we see on the main interface is all we are getting. Of course this isn’t true at all: there are a number of ways to customise the way iPhoto looks and operates to suit our own needs. These can be as cosmetic as changing which colour the background is when skimming through pictures, to more practical improvements like having iPhoto display the number of photos in each section listed in the left-hand pane. It is this simple, but incredibly effective tip that we’re going to show you today. It’s so simple that you can use it at any time for any length of time. If you’re feeling adventurous, explore the rest of the Preferences pane while you are there. There’s a ton of cool stuff to discover.

1: Preferential treatment
Access the Preferences by clicking on the iPhoto menu at the top of the interface and then selecting, you guessed it, Preferences. This will bring up a new dialog box in the middle of your iPhoto screen.

2: Click it
With a simple click you can turn on the Item Counts. This will then show how many photos are in each section on the left-hand pane of the main interface. Use this button at any time to toggle the stats on and off.