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Show Clip Duration – iMovie Tutorial

With this tip, you can make sure that editing your project to a specific length is much simpler

Final Outcome

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Final OutcomeiMovie has come such a long way since it was created that we can easily forget just how customisable it is. It has a simplistic interface, powerful tools and a lot of the time we wrongly assume that it can’t do certain things because its ‘just for beginners’. Well that’s clearly not the case and this little tip is a perfect example of something you might assume the software can’t do – but is completely possible in just two clicks. When working with video, we often have time constraints. YouTube imposes a 10 minute limit and, more commonly it’s nice to have a movie that plays out at the perfect length to suit a favourite music track – rather than having the track end abruptly. If you want to keep tabs on your clips and the project as a whole, there is a very easy way to show the times of each of these. It takes just a couple of clicks to enable and you can do it whenever you like.

1: All about the Preferences
Access the Preferences from the iMovie menu at the top of your screen when the application is running. When you open the Preferences, a new window will appear in the middle of your screen.

2: Tab it, click it
Navigate to the Browser tab at the top of the Preferences dialog window. Now tick the ‘Always show clip duration’ checkbox. Instantly you’ll see the timings of your clips appear on the screen.