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Should You Get A Standing Desk?

Sitting around on your backside all day has never been less popular. The modern sedentary lifestyle that comes from office working is being blamed for all manner of ailments, from physical aches and pains to zapping your creativity and motivation.

The standing desk may seem like a modern fad – you’ve probably noticed a lot of social media posts about them, but it’s been suggested that even in the Victorian ages, pen-pushing clerks used to stand up, moving freely around workstations a lot more than the lazybones workers of the 21st century have become accustomed to.

Less popular with office managers up and down the country having to fork out to replace a whole room of more traditional setups, if you work for yourself, you probably only have one desk to be concerned about, which is much better news for your bank balance. What’s more, you won’t get funny looks for leading the trend for standing in your office.

The problem is, standing up all day is also problematic and strenuous – sometimes you just need a little rest. That’s where adjustable desks like the £335/$395 Varidesk Pro Plus 35 (pictured) come in – they allow you to stand up, but also sit down when your tired little tootsies have had enough. They Varidesk is also compatible with your existing desk – so you can allows go back to the old-fashioned way of doing things with minimum fuss. It also has space for your computer, monitor and more and takes just three seconds to go from the sitting to standing position.

The Dangers of Sitting

Screen shot 2016-06-30 at 12.34.50

You may think your desk job is pretty safe, but you could be storing up all kinds of issues. Sitting for long periods of time puts strain on your back, especially if you’re sitting hunched up, or if your setup isn’t adjusted properly. This can cause lower back aches, a strained neck and shoulders, as well as hip and leg problems including osteoporosis and varicose veins. It’s also been suggested that sitting can be put you at greater risk of organ damage and even cancer.

5 Desks That Stand And Deliver

Customisable, and sustainable

With a desktop crafted from recycled or sustainable wood, the frame is adjustable, meaning you can upgrade to a different size desktop but keep the frame. Evodesks can be greatly customised, too.

Evodesk costs £415/$600. For more information, visit

Better value for you and the planet


Made from industrial grade cardboard, the Oristand suits those of us without an office budget to match a CEO. It’s quick to assemble and dissemble, sits on top of your desk, and can be recycled if you’re done with it.

Oristand costs £17/$25. For more information, visit

The desk that thinks for you

Stir desk

With a touchscreen operation, the smart Stir F1 desk can automatically adjust based on timers or simply be double-tapped to raise from sitting to standing. It will also measure calories and other vital stats.

Stir Kinetic Desk F1 costs £3,450/$4,990. For more information, visit

“Desk, stand up and turn down the lights”

Smart Desk With AI


This high-tech standing desk can be raised from sitting to standing via voice commands. The desk also ‘talks’ to your phone recording fitness data as well as smart home gadgets like Philips Hue light bulbs.

Smart Standing Desk With AI costs £520/$518. For more information, visit

Push it real good


Pretend you’re participating in the Tour De France while bashing out the latest sales report with this bike-desk hybrid. There’s an adjustable seat rest, a performance indicator and even a storage drawer for all your USB sticks.

Fit Desk v2.0 costs £350/$255. For more information, visit

These desks were made for walking


Literally go a step further than a standing desk. Have a gentle stroll while working, with a silent motor and speeds that are designed to be optimal for walking and working.

LifeFitness InMovement Treadmill Desk costs £3,495/$4,600. For more information, visit

This article first appeared in Gadget issue 9. Order the latest issue here or download the digital edition.