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Shoot fireballs from your wrist with Pyro Mini

This wearable flamethrower can shoot flames up to 40 feet away

Being able to emulate the blazing-hot feats of a fiery supervillain is like finding a box full of unpopped bubble wrap: the potential for fun is huge but just where will you begin?

By strapping the awesome Pyro Mini  by Ellusionist to your wrist, you can perform some amazingly hot tricks, from shooting fireballs 40 feet into the air, to igniting a couple of soaring flames at once via the blistering burst mode.

It’s more than enough to make the Human Torch happy, and while it’s intention is to allow magicians to amaze audiences, it should satiate your burning desire to impress, too.

Of course, as with all magic, you’ll want to know how the trick works and here’s the reveal: the device uses flash paper which is a special paper used in pyrotechnics that burns instantly.

The Pyro shoots fireballs up to 40 feet

Packed into the two barrels of the small device, it is ignited by a heater coil which is activated when you press a trigger on a remote control or on the device itself. This sends it shooting out as a ball of flame.

The small size of the device makes it very versatile. You can hide it under playing cards as well as discreetly place it on your wrist. The device needs power and it has a built-in lithium battery that can be charged via USB. Each full charge allows for 600 uses, if you have enough flash paper that is.

While the Pyro Mini makes you look like you have super powers, you need to remember you’re not actually a fire-proof superhuman. The manufacturer says it has done everything it can to make the device safe, but you should definitely read the manual first.

 The Pyro Mini costs £115/$150. For more information, visit

This article first appeared in Gadget issue 12’s ‘Wow Tech’ feature, revealing the secrets behind mind-blowing tech. To buy the latest issue of Gadget, click here.