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Share files on your iOS device using the Dropbox app

Share photos, videos, documents and more between all of your devices with this nifty little app from cloud-based storage providers Dropbox.

1-minute beginner's tutorial
Dropbox App Tutorial
Dropbox is a free service that lets you share photos, docs and videos wirelessly via the internet. Use the software for personal sharing with friends and family, or commercially at work as you transfer files for review and approval. This app is so easy to use and so universal that it may well become an essential part of your daily sharing routine.
With an initial 2GB worth of free storage memory (additional $9.99 for 50GB, $19.99 for 100GB), the Dropbox app’s most notable function is the ability to host your files across desktop and mobile devices simultaneously. This app is, as we’ve mentioned, very simple (that’s the true beauty of it), letting you perform a number of upload and share operations. Some of our favourites include its ability to synchronise with other image- hosting apps – PSD Viewer, for example – and also its direct Email Link option. Here’s a quick rundown on how to perform functions inside this app.

Dropbox App Tutorial - Step by StepDropbox App Tutorial - Step1

Step 1: Image uploads
Uploading an image is simple. Load the Dropbox app, tap the Uploads option, select your folder, tap your image(s) and the Upload button.

Dropbox App Tutorial - Step2

Step 2: Share image links
You can instantly share your uploaded images or anything else in your Dropbox folders by tapping the ‘+’ icon and selecting Email Link.

Dropbox App Tutorial - Step3

Step 3: Making favourites
Your Dropbox folder library may fill up fast, so the interface lets you designate images as favourites. Simply click on the star icon in the interface.

Dropbox App Tutorial - Step4

Step 4: App syncing
Multitask in Dropbox with third-party app syncing. Compatible apps are instantly recognised and presented as options – in this case the free app PSD Viewer Lite.

Dropbox App Tutorial - Step5

Step 5: Dropbox website
Linked through your desktop options, the Dropbox website allows uploading from your home terminal hard drive, automatically syncing back to your iPad or portable device.

Dropbox App Tutorial - Step6

Step 6: Preview sharing
Select Sharing>Share Folder. Send to a specific email address, with attached image link that will load in your browser – great for sharing images for approval.

Click on the image below to zoom in and view the annotations.

Dropbox App Tutorial - Annotated