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ShadowGun Review for iPad

We review ShadowGun, the latest HD game that brings console quality graphics to iPad.

£2.99/$4.99 | iPad+ | v1.0.4 | iOS 4.2





The cover system in action
The cover system in action

The iPad is now a serious gaming platform, and ShadowGun is the latest in a line of HD games that brings quality graphics to the iPad’s ever-growing App Store. Like many of the more recent big titles for iPad, ShadowGun is more than a little reminiscent of a big-budget console game, in this case the Gears of War series that has been incredibly popular on the XBox. Of course this iPad equivalent can’t hope to match the console’s high-definition blockbuster, but it does a surprisingly good job at creating a believable world.

You take on the role of John Slade, a bounty hunter in 2350 who is tasked with taking down insane scientist, Dr Edgar Simon, who is creating a mutant army. You are dropped onto the planet Dr Simon is working on and must fight your way through his lines of defenses to ultimately stop his plans.

The factory level
Each level feels unique thanks to the design, and they look great too

Slade battles through a range of different environments across the planet, and unlocks a good selection of guns as you progress. Sadly, we found ourselves regularly returning to the same starter weapon over and over again, however, but with different guns for close combat and options like a grenade launcher, you should find something to suit you here.

Take cover and start shooting
Enemies take up defensive positions that force you to think tactically

The graphics are truly impressive. the world is brilliantly created, and Slade’s character model looks excellent. The lighting effects are fantastic, and with the exception of the explosion animation, everything looks very realistic. It’s a real achievement by the team behind Shadowgun, and it’s great to see the iPad being really pushed.

The controls work surprisingly well, and like many recent shooters, can be customised to suit your finger layout. Taking cover is a big part of the game, with the system allowing you to stay safe behind an object and shoot around or over it. This becomes more complex when enemies employ similar tactics (as well as flanking you and working as a team), hiding behind objects in front of you and forcing you to time your attacks. Destroyable cover adds another element to the combat – choose a flimsy piece of cover and you may soon see it disintegrate to reveal your head.

Talking to Dr Simon
The voice acting and chacter design are excellent
Hack those door terminals!
Hacking will get you through locked doors

With several hours of gameplay, impressive controls and graphics, and voice-acting throughout, ShadowGun is a great way to spend a little cash. A restart may be required before the game plays nice on your device, but once you get into it you won’t be disappointed.


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