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Set up lock screen widgets

Get quick access to key features without unlocking the screen

The lock screen is an essential addition for any device. It provides a focal point for the user and of course enables users to add a layer of security if they wish to. However, the downside to having a PIN, password or pattern is that you will need to enter this every time to get access to a device. This can be really inconvenient when a user needs access to a service on a regular basis. Android gives access to email and a range of Google services via the lock screen. Simply select from the option you want, add, and it will be ready every time you fire up the screen. Here’s how to make it happen…



  1. lock01

    Enable widget

    The first step to working with lock screen widgets is to make sure that the option is enabled. When the option is disabled users will not be able to swipe left to right on the lock screen. Head to Settings and locate Security under Personal. Here you will find Enable Widgets. If not already enabled, tap to activate. Now hit the power switch to switch off the screen and hit again to switch on and display the lock screen. Now swipe to the left side of the screen to reveal a big plus.

  2. lock01


    To view the available lock screen widgets, tap the plus sign. There are a number of widgets available aside from the default display that offers a digital clock. Users can select from Calendar, Email, Gmail, Google Keep, Google Now, Google+ posts, Hangouts and Sound search.

  3. lock03

    Add a widget

    To add a widget, for example Calendar, simply tap the widget and it will appear to the left of the clock on the lock screen. To view, all you need to do is swipe to the right. If you want to remove the widget from the lock screen, tap and hold until the Remove option appears. Now drag the widget to Remove, when it turns red take your finger off to delete.

  4. <lock01

    Add more

    To add another widget, after the initial widget, keep swiping right until the big plus appears and tap. Again, this will list the available widgets. This includes a host of Google-related options. Tap to add. If Gmail is chosen this will display mail related to the account that is set up on the current device.

  5. lock05

    Select email

    There is the option to add email. This will give you the option to add an alternative Gmail account or an existing account such as Yahoo. Add in the email address and password and tap Next. This will validate any settings and offer further options. Tap Next to complete the setup.