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Set up Instant Hotspot on Mac

Use your iPhone’s cellular data to get your Mac working online without a Wi-Fi connection

Apple has been busy. Not only has it rolled out Yosemite for Mac, it has given iPhone and iPad users iOS 8.1, both of which boast a feature called Continuity. This enables users to produce an Instant Hotspot – all you have to do is follow a few initial steps and then, whenever you look for a Wi-Fi connection, your cellular iPhone or iPad will be available.
The beauty of this is that once you have established a connection, your Mac will look for the same hotspot again should you be in an area without Wi-Fi. Best of all, the Mac recognises when you are not using the hotspot and disconnects. This saves your data and it also protects the battery life of your iPhone or cellular iPad. Just make sure that all of your devices are connected to the same iCloud account.


1 Grab your iPhone

Ensure that the Wi-Fi feature is activated on your iPhone. You can do this very quickly by pulling up from the bottom of the screen and seeing if the Wi-Fi symbol is showing as white.

2 Enable Bluetooth

Your phone and Mac must have Bluetooth. On the same iPhone screen as before, tap the Bluetooth icon. In Yosemite, go to System Preferences>Bluetooth>Turn Bluetooth On.


3 Find your iPhone

On the Mac, click the Wi-Fi symbol in the menu bar. Look under Personal Hotspot and you should see your iPhone. Click this device and it will become your Instant Hotspot.


4 Connection established

Your Mac will start to connect with your iPhone. When established, a link will show on the Wi-Fi icon. Any internet activity you now carry out will be using up data on your iPhone.