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How to set up a login on your Mac – Secure Your Mac Tutorial

Keep your Mac secure and safe by making it ask for a password when you switch it on

Keeping your Mac safe is a real concern for a lot of people nowadays: with Apple’s laptops being a large target for thieves, and with so much information stored on your device, it’s easy to see why people are so conscious of safety. One of the simplest ways to keep your Mac safe is to make it ask for a password when you first switch the computer on. While it may be a little frustrating at times for those who want their Mac to be ‘instant on’, it might just save your computer from being hacked by amateurs who want to make a quick buck.
For admins on your Mac, a password will have already been set: it’s the password you will be asked for when installing a new application or updating your software. The default setting for your Mac will be that it logs straight into this account on power- up, but if you have more than one regular user of the machine, or if you want to keep things safe, you can set this as a login too.

1. Unlocked
In System Preferences, select the Accounts tab to see this screen. You won’t be able to change much, so click the lock icon and type in the administrator password to have access to all the settings you will need.

2: Logged and loaded
When you’ve unlocked the settings, select Login Options. By turning Automatic Login off, you’ll see the login screen whenever you switch on your computer, and the admin will need to input their password.