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Sennheiser Amperior headphones – Review

Are these adaptable on-ear headphones worth the asking price?


Killer features  • 16Hz – 22kHz Range • Rotating ear cup • Optional in-line remote and mic

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RRP: £259.99/$349.95

Sennheiser has been making headphones for years, and it really knows its stuff. Its latest effort, the Amperior on-ears, are no different, and while the packaging promises that they have been designed by DJs, the sound isn’t all about overpowering bass.

First things first, though – the design of the Amperiors is absolutely fantastic. The mix of brushed aluminium and black plastic looks great, and they feel incredibly sturdy. The headband actually splits into two for more stability on your head, but this is completely optional. And, in an interesting move, Sennheiser has allowed one side of the headphones to rotate around, so if you only want a single ear covered, twist the other side back and it will rest comfortably behind your ear. It works when you’re wearing them around your neck, too, so you can quickly lift a single headphone up to listen.

The result is a pair of on-ear headphones that not only feel incredibly strong, but also offer a level of functionality that we did not expect. The velvety pads and padding on the headband are incredibly comfortable, even during longer listening periods. The thick cable is short, but there are a couple of extension options in the box, so whether you want an in-line microphone or just a simple cable you have the choice. It can feel a little heavy with the remote attached.

And the quality continues when it comes to how the Amperiors sound, too. The micro-fibre pads that sit over your ears do a fantastic job of noise cancellation, and the frequency response is impressively broad, resulting in a fuller sound. Bass is punchy, but it never overwhelms the mid and high-end, which remain clear whether you’re listening to heavy dance tracks or gentle acoustic music. We sometimes wanted a little more bass from some tracks, and found ourselves adjusting the equaliser on our device slightly to compensate, but this really wasn’t a problem and the quality was constant.

The main sticking point is the price. If you’re in the market for a premium set of headphones, the Amperiors are a fantastic choice, but they aren’t for everyone. That said, you get what you pay for: high-quality audio, an incredible fit and a design that a lot of time has gone into perfecting.

Buy now?

Pros: A well-designed pair of on-ear headphones that provide comfort and fantastic sound

Cons: The price is high, and we wanted a little more bass at times

Orange 5 Stars