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Send Apple Watch doodle style messages

How to get Apple Watch functions with Android Wear.

One of the big announcements from the Apple Watch launch was the ability to send messages and drawings to fellow Apple Watch wearers with just a few clicks.However, if you are an Android Wear user, you’ve been able to do this for a while, thanks to the TicTalk chat app.

This neat addition to your Android Wear device can send pre-loaded messages and interactions to your friends via your smartwatch. As long as your device is one that can measure your heart-rate, it can even mimic the Apple Watch’s feature of sending your current heart-rate to a friend.

This tutorial will show you everything you need to do to send those neat, affectionate messages to other smartwatch wearers, way ahead of those looking to buy the Apple Watch.


1. Download and sync

Search for TicTalk chat on the Google Play Store and download it. If you haven’t already, sync your smartwatch with your phone so that the two are connected. When this is done, scroll down your smartwatch where you should see the TicTalk app appear.



2. Set up the app

Sign in to TicTalk chat with all your details and select a picture from your store as your profile picture. This will then automatically appear on your watch. You are now set up on the app and can start sending messages to your fellow Android Wear users.



3. Start sending messages

Tap on the ‘Update Status’ icon on your smartwatch. This will take you to a screen that gives you options to describe what you are up to, such as ‘Chilling’ or ‘Grubbing (Eating)’. Tap on this and it will send the alert to anyone else that you are linked with.



4. Send a page message

Scroll down through the home screen and you will find the option to send a message to a contact to ‘Call Me’. This would be really handy if you are out of credit but need to contact someone or if you’ve lost your phone and need a ring to help locate it.



5. Check friends’ locations

The home menu gives you the option to send a message to a friend asking where they are. They can reply with a single click that brings up a map, showing their current location. They can do this via their phone and you can then navigate via your watch or your phone.




6. Send a heartbeat

TicTalk chat has beaten Apple Watch to the punch by already having a system for sending heartbeats. Scroll down the home menu and tap on ‘Thinking of You’. As long as your Android Wear device has a heart-rate monitor, it will measure and send your heart-rate to your chosen contact.