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SAS Survival Guide review

Learning is never a bad thing, and the SAS Survival Guide aims to give you the knowledge to be safe while you're out and about. Read on to find out our full thoughts on the app.

Can you name every type of cloud?

The SAS Survival Guide’s is based of the actual safety protocols which SAS soldiers are taught everyday. The app has been designed to be a one-stop source for information regarding traveling and what to do in an emergency. Although for many it won’t be of much use, it’s a vital app for the keen explorers amongst us.

The app has a variety of categories that you can look through, all of which include picture references or, in some cases, videos. The subjects the app covers is vast; ranging from attracting the attention of a rescue team to sharpening a knife, all are as comprehensive as the one before them. Each category tackles a variety of possible situations and potential problems regarding the categories subject.

There are a selection of stories included in the app that highlight the importance of safety techniques, and how to react in the face of danger. Each story highlights a specific safety technique, which is then expanded on at the end of the story.

Once you have looked through all the categories, of which there are many, you can try out a quiz, which tests out all areas of the app. We had particular difficulty trying to distinguish clouds, it’s incredibly difficult! The app has been designed well and is functional enough to use. There are some issues with loading times, especially with the embedded videos, and the sound quality on the videos is also on the poor side.

Although the SAS Survival Guide won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, it is a great source of valuable information if you are a keen traveler or spend a lot of time abroad. And even if you aren’t big on traveling, the app itself is a riveting read and expanding your knowledge can never be a bad thing!