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Samsung’s new Galaxy S2 advert is definitely below the belt

Samsung's controversial Galaxy S2 not only manages to insult the very people that they want to convert, but it lacks the style that Apple's Mac vs. PC ads had.

Samsung's controversial advert
Samsung's controversial advert

The new advert for Samsung’ Galaxy S2 smartphone has hit YouTube and it’s causing a bit of a stir with its blatant ribbing of Apple’s customers, the iPhone’s lack of 4G capability and slightly smaller screen size. Trouble is, unlike Apple’s Mac Vs. PC adverts that ran a few years ago, this one isn’t nearly as clever.

The ad itself depicts a queue outside a fictitious Apple Store (there’s no branding, but they’ve definitely included more than a few visual clues) and focuses on some of those waiting in line. The queue lengths are a subject of the first twenty seconds with one guy saying, “But this is an event” followed by a another complaining that the lack of a redesign on the iPhone 4S (again, no real indicator but it’s more than implied) means that no-one will know he’s upgraded. So, Samsung have just managed to stereotype and rip into the very people they want to prise away from the iPhone into buying a Galaxy – this doesn’t strike me as a wise move.

Apple might’ve done it with their ‘Get a Mac’ campaign, but there was a level of humour and subtlety to it that Samsung haven’t quite grasped. Instead of seeing a straight up comparison between the iPhone and Galaxy, we’re invited to look down on Apple fanboys, which is all well and good if you’re aiming the ad at those who aren’t Apple fanboys, but that’s a bit like preaching to the converted, there’s absolutely no gain to be made.

Later on the ad we finally catch a glimpse of the Galaxy S2, the irony being here that those in the queue don’t realise it’s a Samsung phone until they’ve taken a closer look, much like that lawyer who couldn’t distinguish between a Galaxy Tab and iPad in court, it might have been an unintentional move by Samsung in the ad, but it’s hilarious nonetheless. One of the lucky Galaxy S2 owners sneers, “Why don’t you guys just get 4G phones?” Well, that’s all well and good Samsung, but whilst the US might have some form of 4G making its way across the country, the vast majority of the world are left in the dark on that one. Way to go for advertising a feature which, to a lot of people, is highly redundant.

Don’t get me wrong, this advert is humorous, but it’s nowhere near as well done Apple’s ribbing of Windows. Samsung have been under fire for ripping off Apple in a number of ways over the last few months and they’ve not exactly done a great job of defending themselves (at one point they claimed that Apple ripped off Stanley Kubrick). This ad appears to see them doing it again, albeit making a bit of a hash of it. It’s all well and good mocking the fact that people might have to queue for hours to buy your competitor’s product, but you’re really just testifying to their success. Swing and a miss.

Want to see what the ad looks like for yourself? Check out the video below:

[youtube width=”610″ height=”370″][/youtube]

What’s your view on Samsung’s latest ad? Is it below the belt or a perfectly acceptable ribbing of Apple’s customers? Let us know in the comments or Tweet us (@iCreateMagazine).