Samsung’s New Fridge/Phone Is Really Cool… Literally

Tech giant Samsung apparently can’t wait for CES2016 to get fully underway before it starts showing off its ridiculous new tech – it posted official images of its fridge-cum-smart device earlier this week on its official Korean Flickr page.


Samsung has already got a wide range of family-friendly ‘smart home’ tech, but this is one step further than a Wi-Fi connected heating system or a Bluetooth speaker: it looks like the fridge has a legit phone built into its front door.


According to The Verge, Samsung will likely make use of this screen to let you use a calendar app, go shopping and use Pandora, but that remains to be confirmed. We’re interested to see if it’ll run on Android – we like the idea of being able to use a fridge to boot up YouTube and play recipe videos whilst we cook, or even play a few rounds of Hearthstone while we’re waiting for the rice to come to the boil…

We’ll have more information for you from the showfloor at CES over the coming week.

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