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Samsung WB750 Camera Review

We test the Samsung WB750: a point-and-shoot camera with all the right priorities

More information:

Available from: Jessops (UK) / Amazon (US)

Key Features • 12.5 megapixels • 24mm ultra-wide lens with 18x optical zoom • 3-inch LCD display

The point-and-shoot category of compact cameras is fiercely contested and many camera makers have resorted to the inclusion of ever more random features to try and stand out. This option from Samsung bucks that trend by concentrating on making taking great photos easy. It has its share of bells and whistles, of course, but first and foremost it takes amazing snaps.

In its Smart mode it detects the type of scene before you and changes settings to automatically capture the best picture possible. The result is a camera that you can literally point and shoot. The setting is good enough that you can, if you want to, forget the rest of the settings and still get great shots with good colour representation and quick processing.

However, there are many more modes clever image stabilisation option which is ideal for action shots or for situations like music events where you might get jostled as you shoot. The scene modes are also very good with a full 12 different options tucked inside including a Dawn mode and a very useful Backlight mode where you can get a better shot when people are lit from behind. Operation of the WB750 is a breeze with a simple button setup and a very negotiable, logical menu system. The mode wheel at the top of the device feels solid and well built, as does the click wheel on the back that will guide you through menu options. Overall construction is very good with the whole unit feeling really solid. Access to all of the ports is easy

with removable plastic coverings that have become a staple for this type of camera and the screen is excellent too, with the three inches being put to good use with 460,000 pixels crammed into the space.

Add to this 1080p HD video capture and a 3D mode for 3D images, HDR mode, live panoramas and you have a compact camera that can really compete with the best on the market. We love the simplicity of the Smart setting and got some incredibly lush shots in every mode. This is a perfect camera for those that like ease of use, as well as for those that wish to take more control without having to move out of the compact bracket. All round, a great piece of kit.