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Samsung SyncMaster T27A750 – Monitor review

We get hands-on with Samsung's super-slim HD monitor, give it the full iCreate reviews treatment and find out how to take your Mac to third dimension.

Samsung SyncMaster T27A750 - Top

£599/$699 | Take your Mac to the third dimension

Samsung SyncMaster T27A750 - Questions Answered
Over the last few years 3D has really started to take off. In cinema it’s often hard to find a big film that isn’t in 3D. Sadly, it’s something that Apple itself hasn’t included in its products but that doesn’t mean Mac users have to completely miss out on 3D functionality.

Samsung’s new range of 3D monitors gives all users the ability to enjoy 3D, whether or not it is supported on their machine, thanks to the innovative 2D to 3D feature. Tapping the 3D button on the screen’s base and selecting this option from the menu will instantly change the screen. The monitor comes with a pair

of active 3D glasses, and when you put these on, your display will be given extra depth. The effect is incredibly impressive; we didn’t expect any 3D features to work on our Mac, but whether we were just browsing through Finder or watching a standard HD version of Tangled, the results were fantastic. The monitor did a great

job of working out what needed to pop out and what needed added depth, and adjusted the screen accordingly.

In terms of picture quality, the SyncMaster gave us mixed feelings. The colour on offer form the display is fantastic with deep blacks and bright colours that really pop out of the screen. Oddly, though, compared to other monitors we found that we noticed pixels a little more when working in OS X. This was disappointing, but ultimately didn’t ruin our otherwise excellent experience.

Samsung SyncMaster T27A750 - Killer Feature
However, we didn’t like the touch controls. We’ve never been a fan of them anyway, but as they sit below the screen on this model, you may find yourself pressing them by accident if you want
to adjust the screen’s angle. Apart from that, the build-quality of the monitor is excellent, and thanks to the thin bezel it look and feels much daintier than Apple’s own 27-inch display.

Samsung SyncMaster - T27A750 Alternative-Extra
We were really surprised by the SyncMaster; first by its fantastic 3D effects, which were unbelievably good considering the lack of support on Mac, and secondly by the quality of the display as a whole. The price is high because of the 3D functionality, which is sure to put many potential buyers off, but if you have a 3D Blu-ray player or satellite box, this is a fantastic way to use them.

Buy now?

Pros 2D to 3D is impressive, and even in standard modes the colours are gorgeous

Cons It’s expensive for a monitor, and the full 3D effects aren’t supported by the Mac

Samsung SyncMaster T27A750 - Rating