Samsung Galaxy S4 available for pre-order

The Galaxy S4 is now available for pre-order, with the UK networks also revealing their prices for the Android phone.

The hotly awaited Galaxy S4 is now available for pre-order. All of the main UK networks have revealed their pricing, with Three offering the best deal of a free handset and unlimited data for £35 per month. The best value deal on the 4G network EE will set you back £41 per month, with a 1GB data allowance.

Three has the Galaxy S4 available on two deals, both with unlimited data, costing £35 or £37 per month and the device free.

To get a free handset on Vodafone you will need to pay from £42 per month with a 2GB data allowance.

Neither Orange nor T-Mobile are offering the device for free, the lowest tariff for each is £36 with a £109.99 up front cost. This comes with unlimited data on T-Mobile and a measly 1GB on Orange.

Tariffs on O2 start at £32 per month with a £179.99 up front cost, or £47 for a free handset.

If you want to go 4G on EE the tariffs range from £31 with just 500MB data and an upfront payment of £269.99 for the phone, to an eye-watering £76 per month for 20GB of data (and you’ll still need to pay £19.99 for the device).

Three has also produced a hands-on video of the S4 in action, showing off some of the key features including air gestures, dual camera and smart pause.

The Galaxy S4 will be available from 26th April.

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