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S Planner tips, tricks and troubleshooting

“I’m a regular user of the S Planner app, but I can’t seem to look at all the past  and future events without having to go through several menus to find the monthly and yearly view options. Is there a quicker way to do this?”

While on your home calendar screen use two fingers to swipe left. This will open up a side menu which will include tabs enabling you to select between weekly, monthly and yearly views.

“I’ve created a Facebook calendar, and although it was easy enough to sync with my Gmail calendar, I can’t figure out how to sync it with S Planner. Is it possible?”

Find your Facebook account within the Settings menu on your device and it should then show what phone your Facebook account is synced to. Click on your username and make sure the Sync Calendar box is ticked. Back out and you should find they’ve synced together.

“Although I like using the S Planner app, I much prefer Google Calendar. However, every time I want to create an event or save something to my calendar, it always lists S Planner as the default calendar. Is there a way to change this?”

Although there isn’t a direct fix for this and it seems a silly fix for Samsung not to implement. There are a couple of things you can do to make it easier, however. Firstly go to your Accounts & Sync menu within the Settings on your phone and deselect the calendars you want to display. Then, go in to the S Planner app and navigate to Settings>Calendars and deselect the calendars you don’t want to display.

“Whenever I look to add a participant to an event I’ve created, S Planner always says that my contact list is empty. Why is it doing that and how do I stop it?”

This problem stems from a problem with the S Planner app itself and its lack of recognising contacts that don’t have an email account attached to them. By adding a corresponding email for each contact and then syncing them with your Google and Samsung accounts, they should now appear as Participants in your S Planner contact list.

If you’ve got an issue with the S Planner app that you need help with, leave us a comment below and we shall try and help!