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Rumour mill starts up…

Most of the post-Macworld banter has so far been about Steve Jobs’ health, and while its an interesting subject, we aren’t going to speculate on it while there are juicy rumours to talk about.

The first rumour is one that has been floating around for a while and looked likely to happen at Macworld but has evidently been pushed back. It is of course the much debated Mac Mini update. There has been a lot of talk about a change in purpose for the diminutive desktop machine claiming that it may incorporate a media server element or that it might suddenly disappear from the lineup all together.

The latest rumours suggest that it will get a new enclosure and will be based on NVIDIA’s new ion platform, utilizing Intel’s dual-core 1.6 GHz Atom 330 processor. The Ion platform utilizes the GeForce 9400M integrated graphics found in the current MacBooks and MacBook Pros.

We’re not sure about the legitimacy of this claim as the proposed new chip is not as powerful as the existing chips used in the Mac Mini and would mean that the new units would have to be reduced in price, which we can’t see happening.

Still, the Mac Mini is definitely up for a revision so fingers crossed it will be good as we’ve been waiting so long.

The next rumour is that Apple is working on a 15inch version of the MacBook Air. The source for this particular rumour is the same Asian company that leaked the uni-body photos before the new Macbooks were launched.

We’re not sure that a 15inch MacBook Air would be a big seller as it would no doubt be almost as expesive as the 15inch MacBook Pro and would have considerably less power, hard drive and battery life.

What we can say is that its great to have the rumour mill chugging along again as it builds anticipation and in amongst the more fanciful guesses there are bound to be some facts.

If the Mac mini is updated it will probably share the same design theme as the new iMacs which have been rumoured for a while. No doubt it will be smaller and better looking though possibly not as powerful.

If Apple are indeed working on a 15inch MacBook Air, it could drive the price of the 13inch version down which would increase sales.

The general consensus is that the refresh will happen around March time, so lets hope we’ll see a big event and whole raft of products to make up for th lack of hardware at Macworld.