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Roku LT review

Roku LT is a streaming device offering a wide range of content. But is it worth the price?

The Roku LT is a small media-streaming box that supports a whole range of channels and services. Around the back of the small box are two outlets for a HDMI cable, as well as a AV out port. Alongside this you’ll also find a DC port. There’s little else to note about the design of the Roku LT, but its small size means you’ll have no trouble in placing it alongside the rest of your home cinema system.

The app to control the Roku LT is a free download from the Play Store. It works jointly as a remote to control the Roku interface that appears on your TV, but also as a way of controlling the content that’s streamed across to it.

Setting up is a definite mixed bag, but we were happy to find out that you don’t need a PC to control the LT, and instead it connects directly to you WiFi network. With the lack of a Ethernet port at the back of the LT, you’ll require a speedy WiFi network to get the best quality stream possible, else buffering becomes a serious issue.

On paper, the Roku LT hosts a wide selection of channels and subscription services you can enter. Channels like TuneIn Radio and BBC iPlayer worked well, and we were even able to access our Netflix subscription through it. On the downside, plenty of the channels hold U.S only content, making them a bit pointless on this side of the Atlantic.

You won’t find a more competitively priced streaming box than the Roku LT. Although some content is region specific, and the lack of an Ethernet port will be of concern to some, it’s at the right price to warrant you testing it out.