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Roboto review

Roboto is a classic-style platform game designed for Android phones and tablets.

Robots are having a mini resurgence at the moment, especially cute, anthropomorphic robots with cheeky grins and big bright eyes.

Robots like Roboto, in fact, the eponymous, hover-boarding hero of Fenix Fire Entertainment’s new platforming adventure.

You use on-screen buttons to move Roboto left and right, and to jump, hover and fire his bubble gun. The platforming is reasonably smooth, although not as good as some other games out there, and sometimes Roboto will fall to his robot-y death because you misjudged what looked like a simple leap.

The game throws in orientation swapping ceiling runs now and then, as well as some truly epic boss battles, but other than that it’s pretty standard platforming fare. The problem is, we’ve seen all of this before, done better, a thousand times.

Roboto is fun, and it has some pretty impressive moments, it just doesn’t have the innovative spark that makes the best games so addictive.