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Revolutionary battery doubles smartphone life

MIT offshoot Solid Energy has announced a lithium ion battery that could double battery life.

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Their battery design uses an ultra-thin metal anode in place of the standard carbon or silicon-composite anode to halve the size of the battery’s interior. This way they can pack twice the amount of anode inside the cell, doubling the amount of charge it can hold.

This is something that has been tried before but the liquid electrolyte connected to the anode is usually flammable. However, Solid Energy has added elements to the electrolyte to stop the reaction and prevent the battery from exploding.

Solid Energy also says that the battery will be able to be manufactured using technology that already exists, meaning that companies that make lithium ion batteries can start producing these new ones without having to invest in expensive new equipment.

The company hopes to have a mass-produced battery ready for the smartphone market by 2016 and will expand into powering electric cars by 2017. If their claims are true, we could start seeing smartphones that last two or even three days on a single charge within the next couple of years.

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