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Review: Wileyfox Swift

The Cyanogen-powered smartphone that’s as fast as it sounds

Wileyfox Swift

Wileyfox Swift

Wileyfox is a brand new mobile phone manufacturer with a very different way of doing things. Its first two products, the Swift and the Storm, both run Cyanogen 12.1, which is a very popular Android fork. The two models are the first phones to be launched in Europe that have Cyanogen as their operating system. This means that those who want the extra freedom, security and customisation it offers can have it without having to root their handset.

The Swift was launched with the promise to disrupt the market and it really has a chance as Cyanogen has a raft of excellent features. While stock-Android users have to wait months between updates, Cyanogen is well known for regularly releasing patches, bug fixes and upgrades, so you will have the option of weekly upgrades to your handset. It comes with a PIN code lockscreen option that randomly mixes up the number on the pad, so you don’t leave telltale fingerprint marks on your screen. This is a feature that you can get by downloading an app, but having it on your phone already is really useful. You can mix and match themes and have the homescreen you want in only a few clicks by customising your wallpaper, font and quick launch apps really easily. Android 6.0 Marshmallow is promising granular permissions when downloading apps, but that is something you can get in the Swift already, so you won’t need to give a mobile game company access to all your messages just so you can waste a few minutes on an endless racing game.

The Swift also has TrueCaller pre-installed with over 1.7 billion numbers loaded onto the service, so you can see who is phoning you even if they’re not in your contacts list. Couple this with Cyanogen’s rapid turnaround on bug fixes and Cyanogen’s own browser that reportedly loads webpages 1.69 times faster than Chrome, then you’re getting an operating system that solves almost all Android woes in a single swipe.


Find out more about what we thought of the Wileyfox Swift in issue 56 of Android Magazine, available for instant download now.