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Review – Twin 1.0.1

Just when you think your files are safe, you realise they could be safer courtesy of this online backup solution

As our professional and personal life becomes more computer-orientated, we inevitably rely more on files and their contents. Whether it’s a crucial work document, the novel you’ve been working on for six years or family snaps, every single one is no doubt of equal importance. So it’s natural if the thought of suddenly losing those files is one you’d rather not entertain. However, the old cliché that it’s better to be safe than sorry has a lot going for it. Admittedly, if you have Leopard you will already be equipped with Time Machine – an extremely competent built-in solution for more ‘local’ backups of your documents on external hard drives, but this is not an infallible solution for your most critical data. Twin is an online backup service that aims to take your security to a whole new level. Unlike most online backup services, Twin 1.0.1 for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard does not have a monthly cost

attached. Instead, you just pay the single price and download the software. If you’re without your own server on your network or remote location, fear not – Twin can back up essential data to most online services. You can also access the contents of your backup from another computer if you have a copy of Twin installed on it. Twin comes with its own Backup Assistant to make the process of backing up your files the most streamlined it can be. Detailed, accessible reports are given of every single backup operation, so you’ll never be kept in the dark as to what is happening to your precious files. Security-wise, Twin claims that it retains all OS X metadata and data kept safe with ‘Jack Bauer-quality’ encryption. You can also opt to protect the privacy of your data with US government-approved AES-256 encryption, which means that not a single byte of your backup data that leaves Twin will be readable by strangers. If you’re drowning in files and can’t bear the thought of an external hard drive or your computer crashing, then Twin is a viable option. Easy to download and extremely flexible, it’s that extra safety net you need.



System specs

– Free limited trial
–  Compatible with most
online services
– Free upgrades/updates

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