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Review: Twelve South Compass for iPad

Twelve South delivers again with a compact and portable stand for your iPad and iPad 2 that looks great.

As I’m sure you’re extremely aware, there are a seemingly endless number of accessories for the iPad, from beautiful cases to fridge magnets, and it’s often hard to choose which is best. Well, that’s where we step in, giving you the low-down on some of the best products that you can buy, making sure you have all the best kit for your Apple products. And we’ve got a top-notch one for your today.

Twelve South have been making Apple accessories for a long time now, and their tag line (“We’re not just Mac friendly – we’re Mac only“) really rings true with us. The latest product that we’ve tried out from them is called the Twelve South Compass, and is an incredibly portable iPad and iPad 2 stand that will fold up small so you can throw it in your bag.

At just 7 inches long, less than an inch wide, and well under half an inch thick, the Compass is certainly the most portable stand we’ve seen, and its steel frame also makes it one of the strongest. The stiff hinge at the top that houses the legs helps add stability, and the rubber-ended feet stop the whole thing sliding around on the surface of your desk.

There is a small foot on the back of the Compass which allows for a comfortable typing angle, and the two stuts that fold out to hold the iPad in place are covered in the same grippy rubber to ensure your device will be safe on the stand. They allow you to stand your iPad in portrait and landscape mode, and the height has just enough to fit your charging cable in when in the former. It also works with most iPad cases still attached, and certainly has no problems with the Smart Cover. The only problem we had while using the Compass was that sometimes the rear foot wouldn’t fully extend, making things a little less steady. Still, this was our own error rather than a fault with the stand, so it’s something we could forgive.

We have to admit, we’re big fans of all Twelve South’s products, and this is no exception. They are one of the few companies who put a huge amount of effort into not only creating a useful and well-designed product, but also make sure it looks great alongside Apple’s own creations. The Compass looks and feels like the high-quality accessory it is, and it’s function is just as excellent. It’s available from here for UK customers (£39.95) and here for US customers ($39.99). If you’ve been looking for a great stand for your iPad or iPad 2, this one comes highly recommended.

Compact, sturdy, and beautifully designed,

A little expensive, although you do get what you pay for.