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Review – Sennheiser PXC 350

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Advanced listening for audio lovers

Sennheiser is another company with a great reputation for quality products. More often than not it is recognised for its low to mid-range efforts, where it delivers well-made audio products at very reasonable prices. The PXC 350s are one of Sennheiser’s higher level efforts, and as a result they’re packed with technology to enhance your listening pleasure. They’re quite a big set of headphones and they weigh a fair bit, which can be a problem if you plan to use them for any great length of time. The PXC 350s rely on NoiseGard Advance technology to dampen outside noise by using low-level white noise to fool your ears into ignoring outside sounds. They then use duofol diaphragms to help replicate life-like sound reproduction. The upshot is that you don’t ever get disturbed by the world outside and your music sounds extremely rich and clear. Each earpad has to be powered by a AAA battery, which means that you get all the power you need to run the phones until, of course, the batteries run out. At which point it can be very frustrating. Other features include an inline volume control so you can let the outside world in when you need to, a frequency response of 8-28.000Hz and dynamic drivers, and an impedance of 150/750 ohms. The sound from these headphones is extremely powerful and very clear; deep bass can really thump while highs are clear and crisp. A great set of headphones for the discerning listener.

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Price: £190

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