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Review – Proporta Leather Style Protective Case

Can the extra size be justified?

Leather CaseWe’re big fans of Proporta, they make some great products. But it has to be said, we’re a little disappointed with this particular one: the Leather Style Protective Case for the iPod touch. The format works with every other iPod and both versions of the iPhone, we just don’t rate it with the iPod touch. The Leather Style Protective Case is a flip case that holds the iPod in place with two prongs on either side. Then a large fuax leather flap reaches over the top to protect the iPod and a magnetic holding piece flips up to stop the case flapping around. The case is well made and doubtlessly protects the iPod from bumps and scratches, but unfortunately it bulks the iPod touch out so much that it defeats the object of buying a slim device. We also found that using the iPod touch was pretty tricky while it was in the case and we preferred to take it out while using it.
During transportation the case is very good, offing good protection. This case has some other perks too, in that you can keep credit cards in the top flap and use it as a wallet as well as a case, but that’s really not incentive enough to make a purchase. Overall we feel that only those people who love the flip-style cases and are desperate to have one will find something to love in this offering. Sadly, build quality and protection are outvoted by bulk and lack of usability. Perhaps with some design tweaks a greater compromise could be reached, but that remains to be seen.

Price: £19.99

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