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Review: Naim Mu-so Qb

What do we think of Naim's latest music system, the Mu-so Qb?

Naim’s Mu-so is a name that resonates quality. Its award-winning, all-in-one wireless speaker system is outstanding and weighs a hefty 13kg at a price point of £895.

It’s no surprise then that the geniuses at Naim have manufactured a smaller version, the Mu-so Qb, in the hope to recreate that acclaim. Indeed, Naim has succeeded in creating another superb wireless speaker to add to its repertoire of excellence.

There’s no mistaking that the Qb is gorgeous. Fitted with a grooved speaker grille and a twistable illuminated panel, it looks very similar to the Mu-so. The difference is that the Qb has been optimised for its significantly smaller size. The same 32-bit signal digital processor that powers the Mu-so runs in the Qb, but has been diligently tweaked by Naim’s engineers. The high-grade acrylic base takes a bigger precedence on the Qb too, simply because there’s less body to hide the bottom – and it’s a very welcome change. The result is a cleaner, more refined product that will definitely fit much better in most home settings.

The Qb works even simpler than its big sister Mu-so does, with setup only requiring an Apple device. No plugging in is required; just install the Naim app, follow the instructions and you’re set. The available playing options work the same on the Qb as it does with Mu-so; you can opt to listen via analogue input, radio, Bluetooth, AirPlay, Spotify, Tidal and USB.

At 300W, the Qb is still a force to be reckoned with thanks to a custom-made woofer, two microdome tweeters and two mid drivers. The result is an incredible booming bass in Earth Intruders by Björk and vibrant highs in the strings of Radiohead’s Burn The Witch. Though the Mu-so is a bigger 450W system, you never feel shortchanged by the sound quality just because of the Qb’s reduced size.


– This little speaker packs all the punch of the original Mu-so in a compact system. It’s certainly going to be an audible treat for your ears and for your wallet.