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Review – Motor Monkey

Manufacturer: Power Traveler


Price: £20

Marketed as ‘the smallest, lightest in-car charger in the world’, we were still quite shocked when we opened the box and saw just how dinky this little critter really was.

Made from sleek stainless steel and resembling a cross between a bullet and a pencil sharpener, the Motormonkey lies snug in its storage box surrounded by a plethora of adaptors to provide an indication of just how versatile this charger actually is. Small it may well be, but it soon becomes clear that this is no one-trick pony. In fact, the charger is equipped to supply power to most mobile phones, including the iPhone, Sony PSP, Blackberry, sat navs and most of the Apple iPod series.

The compact, light nature of the Motormonkey means that you can literally stick it into your car’s cigarette lighter socket and leave it – permanently. And

before you think that this is a recipe for disaster with the words ‘flat battery’ written all over it, have no fear – the trouble-shooting manufacturers at Powertraveller have ensured that this miniscule maestro comes with ‘built-in charging intelligence’. In layman’s terms, this means that the Motormonkey will only wake from its slumber when you decide to attach your device of choice to its USB tail. Clever, huh? And not only that, but it will also auto-shut when your device is all powered up and ready to rock – so you don’t even need to keep an eye on it.

The Motormonkey’s size conveys a no-nonsense approach – an impression that won’t be contradicted when put to use. Simply remove the cover from your car’s cigarette lighter, plug the rounded end of the charger into the lighter socket and then attach the retractable USB cable provided to the charger and the other end to the appropriate tip for your drained device. When wanting to charge an iPod, simply connect Apple’s own supplied USB cable into the charger’s port.

This is a reasonably priced product if you spend a lot of time in your car and want to avoid any device-related disappointments. The fact that you can just place the charger in your cigarette lighter socket and leave it without the worry of a drained battery is a big plus point. Simply store the box of adaptors in your dashboard and you’ll always be prepared to power up your gadget of choice wherever you may be.

Killer Feature: Fuss-free usability

Not only is this charger incredibly easy to use – simply plug it in and leave it – once you’ve disconnected your device and finished your journey, you can leave  it in your cigarette lighter socket until the next time you need it. Unless, of course, you’re a smoker…

Practicality: 9.0

Design: 8.5

Value for money: 8.0

Features: 7.0

Durability: 8.0

Kung Fu Verdict: 8.9