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Review: Monster iSport Immersion In-Ear Earphones

Monster have made their iSport Immersion earphones so well suited to athletes and sportsman, they can even be thrown in the wash with the rest of your kit. No, really. Here's what we make of them...

Monster iSport Immersion Earphones

Monster iSport Immersion Earphones
The iSport Immersion's unique in-ear clips ensure your earphones stay put.

Monster iSport Immersion In-Ear Earphones
Compatible with: iPhone/iPod/iPad

There are plenty of earphones which boast a ‘designed for sports’ feature set, but Monster’s iSport Immersions are definitely ticking the most boxes when it comes to an athlete’s wish list for the perfect pair of in-ears.

Out of the box, these headphones certainly look the part, with a rubberised design (making them sweat proof and even machine washable) and a unique in-ear clip. The in-ear clip sits between the inside of your ear and the earphone itself to make sure that they won’t budge, no matter how vigorous your exercise is. Monster have included plenty of ear buds and clips in a variety of different sizes to ensure you get the perfect fit, which is vital for getting a great sound.

On the subject of sound, the iSports are perfectly loud and a lot better than some of their competitors, but they do have a tendency to colour your music. There’s a lot of low-end and very crisp high-end, but the mid-frequencies seem to be a bit lost, which isn’t great news for the hardcore audiophile. That said, they’re still perfectly listenable and, for their size, incredibly powerful.

Despite a somwhat hefty price tag, we’re still inclined to say that these earphones are worth the money, partly because they work really well for a specific job (that is, staying in your ears and sounding awesome when you’re at the gym) and partly because they come with a lot great extras. The ControlTalk mic and audio controls means that you’ll never have to take your iPhone out of your pocket whilst you exercise, regardless of whether you’re taking a call or changing a track, whilst the plethora of different ear buds and clips ensures a perfect fit and great sound no matter how weird your ears might seem.

Monster iSport Immersions and accessories
There's a lot in the box with the iSport Immersions

Monster really do put a lot of effort into making sure their products tick all the right boxes for a particular application, and whilst the sound might not be spot on, we still reckon these earphones are ideal for any sport…except maybe deep-sea diving.