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Review: FaceFilter3 Pro

Air brush blemishes and paint on life-like makeup with this great photo-editing app

FaceFilter3 Pro

FaceFilter3 is a leading name in photo retouching with an emphasis on imitating real-life makeup. With just a few clicks, you can apply distinctive makeup effects to hide blemishes, add hair textures, volumise eyelashes and paint on lifelike eye makeup. For more intense airbrushing, an extensive muscle-based morphing system reshape faces and enhances expressions. There is also a range of photo-editing tools to give studio polish.

Though FaceFilter’s tools were always geared towards professionals, the launch of a new Pro version brings some impressive new features. This includes masking tools and multiple layers to create custom effects, and the ability to import RAW images to FaceFilter3. All of these extra features are included for £54.99/$79.99, which is not an unreasonable mark up on the standard package, which costs £20.99/$29.99.

FaceFilter3However, Pro doesn’t mean expert and you don’t require any prior experience to use FaceFilter3. Whatever alterations you intend to make, FaceFilter follows a simple step-by-step process. After importing images, the software automatically detects faces, but it’s not an exact science, so you will still need to adjust the position of the mouth, nose, eyes and eyebrows manually. Once complete, you move onto the Makeover and Reshape sections. Makeover is limited to applying makeup effects and removing imperfections, while Reshape is about adjusting the contours of the face.

After selecting the area of the face you want to adjust, such as the lips, you are given a range of lipstick colours to choose from, or in the case of the Reshape section, a selection of smiles. Once applied, you can adjust the effects with sliders. If you struggle with this, the software includes a range of helpful video tutorials. Once you’ve mastered the techniques, you can create and save custom templates.

After you’ve finished enhancing your subject, the Effects section includes vignettes you can apply to the overall photo, such as sepia tone, black and white or even DSLR effects. It’s this area of FaceFilter3 that feels the most incomplete, but this app will be high on portrait snappers’ wishlists.

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