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Review: Edifier S1000DB speakers

Extremely powerful but also incredibly accurate, the Edifier S1000DB speakers are superb in quality while remaining really user-friendly

Monitor speakers have to be precise and accurate in sound. Their main function is to sit in recording studios where engineers will tweak various levels of sound, so the importance of having perfect sound quality coming from the speakers cannot be underestimated.

As technology evolves and music production becomes even clearer, multifaceted and louder, it’s not unusual to have a pair of monitor speakers in the home, and the Edifier S1000DB speakers are just the kind of pair that would be perfect for either.

First impressions are good with these bookshelf speakers; they not only sound fantastic but look great too, as while many studios still have glossy, dark speakers, the wooden finish on the S1000DB speakers makes them great for your living room. They’re easy to set up too, and the use of a handy remote makes them even better for home life.

In terms of the actual sound of the speakers, the S1000DBs are as premium as you would expect for such a stylish-looking sound system. The treble is superb and though the bass isn’t quite as rattling, it delivers crisp, strong sound that fills a room: the speakers are angled perfectly for filling large spaces.


The guards at the front of each speaker – which are removable – also protect and filter sound, and even at extremely high volumes, the clarity of the S1000DBs is impressive.

What’s even better for the home is that the speakers have a range of different inputs depending on your need, including PC, Aux, optical and even Bluetooth; the remote means that you can be connected via your iPhone or iPad without having to even adjust the speakers, and the status LED on the front indicates whether or not they’re connected.

The S1000DBs give the impression of not only being extremely powerful, but extremely user- friendly, and while there are more proficient studio speakers on the market, few will suit your living room as well as these ones.


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