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Review: EazyDraw 5

Create advanced vector illustrations and architectural plans without breaking the bank with the latest version of this long-serving Mac app.

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Price: £64.99/$94.99
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Available from: Mac App Store

This isn’t the first time we’ve taken a look at EazyDraw and, with the app being regularly updated with advanced features and full support for the latest version of OS X, we’ve no doubt it won’t be the last time, either. Having been around since the early days of OS X 10.2 Jaguar, EazyDraw has earned a name for itself as the go-to app for those who don’t want to dip into the world of more complex, professional vector programs such as Adobe Illustrator, but still want to use an app with a plethora of powerful features that will help them create everything from rich vector illustrations to accurate architectural plans.

EazyDraw 5 certainly lives up to this reputation, bringing with it a whole host of Mountain Lion-related features, including Versions, Resume, Gatekeeper-compatibility and more. They’re not the sort of features that will dramatically change how you use EazyDraw, but they do make all the difference to the overall OS X user experience, ensuring your creative process is as slick as possible.

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On first glance, there’s a lot to take in when you first fire up EazyDraw, but it’s fair to say that within an hour or so, we were pretty comfortable with the basic controls, even if they weren’t always as intuitive as you would like them. Although there’s a lot to look at here, it all eludes to an app that’s ready to work in pretty much any way you want to. Once we’d grasped the basic tools we were quickly able to create a simple app icon before starting a new document and mapping out a floor plan in a matter of minutes. Conveniently, EazyDraw splits up different types of drawing tools (technical, mathematical, charts etc) into their own separate windows, adding to the flexibility of the app by allowing you to change and arrange your ideal workspace depending on your current project.

Despite requiring some investment in time in order to get the most out of EazyDraw, the benefits are plentiful. Every tool here can be controlled and tweaked at the most advanced levels via the Details pane with the result being that the app is completely capable of drawing accurately to almost any specification – ideal for architectural planning or mathematical equations. On top of this, EazyDraw’s plethora of export and import options make it ideal for becoming part of a larger creative process. It’s an app guaranteed to give back every minute you invest in understanding it.


EazyDraw 5 - Review - Four Stars