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Review: Drive Genius 3

Keep your Mac healthy and fast with this helpful app

If nothing else, the knowledge that Apple Genius Bar staff use this app to fix customers’ Macs should be enough to pique your interest in this product.
It’s in its third iteration now and has gone from strength to strength. In summary it’s a healthcheck app that can fix common problems and maintain the health of your hard drive, preventing all kinds of problems. In practice, it’s a lifesaver – especially if you own an older Mac with a well-used hard drive.

It has 11 separate programs or tasks and each can be used every few months to help keep your Mac running smoothly. The app is very simply laid out and each task is clearly described, easy to action and very cleverly designed to fix a specific problem or prevent issues arising. The first six tasks that you see in the interface are the bread and butter of this app. They are the most commonly needed tools and they are the ones you’ll need the most. The first is an information pane that lets you see exactly what makes up your drive. The second is a Defrag tool that will put your Mac into Safe mode and collect all the related files so that the general running of your Mac is quicker. Instead of working the disk arm like mad retrieving hundreds of files that are located all over your disk, getting from one file to the next will be simpler and quicker. The third tool is called DriveSlim and this gives you the option to find and delete unwanted files. Tick the boxes, run the search, view the files, delete them. It couldn’t be more straightforward.

Next up is the Repair section which functions much like Disk Utility to fix errors and permissions. Then comes the Scan tool which can find bad blocks of memory that could cause problems. Finally, the last of the standard tools is called DrivePulse and this works in the background to monitor your machine during
periods of inactivity. This first set of tools alone is reason enough to buy the software, but add to that the other seven tools we haven’t got time to talk about and you have a recipe for drive perfection. What’s more these tools will work on connected drives too, so you can healthcheck all of your backups. A wonderful application, well-executed, easy to use and well worth five stars.